Emergency Plumbing Issues


Plumbing Emergencies

Owning your own home is a lifetime investment that requires you to maintain upgrades and repairs to keep your home safe and comfortable. However, not all repairs are planned and sometimes you may have emergencies that require you to act immediately.  There are several emergencies that can occur with your plumbing leaving many home owners asking, “What do I do now?”  Here are some of the most common plumbing emergencies you may find yourself facing and what to do when they do occur.

Your Toilet is Clogged and Overflowing

The most common plumbing issue and sometimes the most dreaded is the toilet clog.  The first thing you should do is put on your gloves, grab some towels and the plunger.  If the water is to the rim you will have to remove some of it before plunging.  Use flange plunger and try dislodging the clog by using a vertical up and down motion for 10-15 seconds. Once you see that it is draining try flushing.  If it is normal you are good to go, if not repeat the plunging action.  Clean the area with antibacterial cleaning products when you are done.

If you have any carpet in your bathroom you may want to use a wet/dry shop vacuum to pull up excessive water. You will also want to have your carpet cleaned to remove any bacteria and to prevent mold, once your emergency is over.  If you are unable to clear the clog, turn off the water to your toilet with the shut off valve behind the toilet and call a professional plumber immediately.

Broken Faucets

You turn on the faucet to get a drink or to brush your teeth and the faucet knob breaks off while in the on position. Or you think you have turned the fixture off and the water continues to run. If either of these types of plumbing emergencies happens you will have to shut off the water to that sink quickly. You can usually find the shut off valve under the sink. If there is no valve under your sink you will have to turn your water off with the main shut off valve, which can be located either outside or in the basement. Once you have the water shut off you will want to clean up any standing water and call a plumber to assist you.

Leaking and Broken Pipes

You come home from work and there is water on your floor.  A water pipe is leaking or worse has broken.   You need to turn off the main water to your house and contain the water flow as quickly as possible, to prevent the water from running to drier areas and damaging your home and personal belongings. Using fans will help speed up the drying process, while you wait for a plumber to arrive.

Depending on where your leak is you will want to unplug electronics as soon as possible, remove furniture and other personal belongings to a drier area in your home. Not only will this protect your items, it will also provide room for the plumber to work freely without unnecessary items in the way.

When you find yourself with a plumbing emergency containing or turning off the water is always the first step. Then you should call a professional plumber to assist you in repairing your damaged faucets, pipes or drains.

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