Tips for Conserving Water


Tips for conserving water

If you want to make a positive environmental impact while saving money, a simple way is to conserve water. We see it all the time in the news where consumers get a spike in their bills from time to time. Subtle changes in your usage can be very beneficial. These tips can also be particularly useful if you have a private well or septic. Just follow the simple tips below and you will be sure to see a decrease in your water bill and overall consumption next month.


Even though you may enjoy taking a long hot shower, you will save water, time and money by shortening it up.  Get in, get the job done, and get out!


You may be used to doing laundry on a daily basis but if you wait until you have full loads, you will save water.  As an added bonus you will save on laundry detergent.


Just like the laundry wait until it’s full to run a load.  All of your dishes will still be sparkly clean and you won’t have the tedious task of unloading the dishwasher every day.  Plus you will save money on dishwasher detergent.

Brushing Teeth

Don’t run the water while you are brushing.  Think of all of your family members and how many times per day their teeth get brushed (some more than others), now consider how much water you could save in a week, a month or even a whole year if you all turned the water off while brushing.

Watering plants and lawn

Here in Florida it is a common practice to water your lawn.  Be sure your sprinklers are in proper working condition and keep them on a timer to conserve water.

Fun tips!

  • If you have a little bit of water left in your cup or bottle of water, don’t dump it down the sink, save it for use on plants or for your iron, or even to wash something.
  • Flush less! If you don’t flush the toilet every time, you will save water!

If you follow the steps above you will be seeing green in your pocket when you get your next water bill!